Smart Packer Pro X v2

Smart Packer Pro X
Build in less than a minute a single executable from your application files. No need to install, your application runs in the virtual filesystem.

With features like virtual filesystem, icon support, optional password protection, commandline parameters, plugin support, customizable storage locations and integrated download module.


  • Packs the executable or dll and all its supplementary files into a single file
  • Easy drag and drop of files and folders (New)
  • Creates encrypted archives using strong encryption algorithms
  • Compression methods provides good compression rate and high speed
  • Run from user level, no admin privileges necessary
  • Saves automatically projects (Improved)
  • Commandline parameters supported
  • Embed your own dll as plugin
  • Icon and version info support (Improved)
  • Download automatically for updating packed files
  • Splashscreen image for loading screen (customizable) (Improved)
  • Autosave Mode, choose to save changes or start fresh (ideal for demo/trial)
  • Configurable storage location
  • Password protection (Improved)
  • Additional virtualization settings (New)
  • Notifies for new updates and license expiration (New)
  • No temporary files
  • Native 32 and 64bit support
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista,7,8 and 10 (32- and 64bits)