Frequently Asked Questions

Which (game) development tools are supported?
Compatible with major compilers like C++, C#, Delphi, Microsoft Visual Basic, PureBasic, etc. and game development tools such as Nuclear Basic, Darkbasic Pro, DarkGDK, FPS Creator, Blitz Basic, Blitz3D, Silent Walk FPS Creator, Unity, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director, 3D GameStudio, Torque, Leadwerks Engine and many more.

How secure are your products? Are my applications and files well protected?
Our products has been developed with two things in mind. Easy to use and secure content protection (high encryption levels). Of course, we cannot say that our current version won't be cracked (nobody can assures that in the software protection scene), but as soon as any part of the protection is cracked we will work on it as soon as possible to make the attacked module stronger.

Do packed applications install unwanted files on the end-user's pc?
All our products do not install applications or DLL's etc. which could do harm themselves.

Note: However of course we aren't responsible for content which is packed with this tool, this is the responsebility of the licensee.

I have a suggestion about new features for your software. Will you implement it?
We are happy to receive suggestions about possible features that you think should included in our products. We will try to implement your suggestions as soon as possible. Please, contact us through the contactform and let us know your requests.

I would like to have a customized or OEM version of your product for using in my projects.
It is certainly possible that we build a customized version for you. Of course we need details about your requirements before giving a price indication. Please contact us via our contact form.

Do you offer refunds?
We don't offer refunds. Please try before purchase our trial version to check if the product suits your needs.

Smart Packer Pro (X)
What is the difference between Smart Packer Pro and Smart Packer Pro X?
Smart Packer Pro X supports native 64bit applications. Now 64bit applications can now use all available memory which is provided by the Windows operating system.

Are drivers on end-user's pc installed?
No drivers are installed; the packed application and files run directly from within the virtual filesystem.

Which Windows versions are supported?
Smart Packer Pro (X) itself runs under Windows XP and higher.

Packed applications supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32-/64 bits).

V-Packer for Games
The message 'Unsupported version' shows up during build.
The version of the game executable is not (yet) supported but will released shortly. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions and/or remarks.

When the packed executable is closed the application screen disappears but in the task manager it looks like it is still active.
When Autosave mode is enabled file changes are stored in the encrypted archive. Depending on the amount of data it can take some time to complete. The packed executable can not be started before saving files has been finished.

Which Windows versions are supported?
V-Packer for Games itself runs under Windows 2000 and higher.

Packed games supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8(32-/64 bits).